Planning and design

Every project starts with a blueprint - if your project exists only as an idea, our specialists can not only lay it down on paper, but also secure all the necessary permits and licences, to prepare everything for the next phase - the construction. Our team of specialists work closely with the client during this phase, as every client that collaborates with us has specific wishes and needs that we always respect. As this phase is the most important one, several options may be developed and discussed with the client, to ensure that the best possible option is developed even before the first brick is laid.

Why Choose Us

Full-cycle service

BuildNow provides every service necessary to transform your idea into solid walls.

Lasting partnerships

Many of our projects have been developed for returning clients.

Experience and knowledge

Our employees regularly undergo trainings that ensure their utmost competency in whatever field they work in.


We understand that every project has its own timeline target, which we strive to achieve every time.