We use our experience to design, construct and provide the highest-quality materials for any project you need!

BuildNow concentrates on residential construction projects, while occasionally providing services to businesses and other construction companies that need only specific services to be outsourced or construction materials supplied, as we are one of the few companies that can provide not only the services connected to construction works, but also the necessary materials at favourable prices.

Building new things is not always easy, nor is it straightforward. Our mission is to take this burden off the shoulders of our customers, providing the necessary services in every step of this process.

Why Choose Us

Full-cycle service

BuildNow provides every service necessary to transform your idea into solid walls, while making sure the projects meets every standard and deadline.

Lasting partnerships

While we have apprixmately 500 finished projects under our (tool)belt, many of them have been implemented with clients that have returned to us due to our focus to building lasting relationships.

Experience and knowledge

Our employees regularly undergo trainings that ensure their utmost competency in whatever field they work in - whether it is design, construction or sales.